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Okay, so we're definitely going through some pretty tough, pretty scary times. But as the make-up artist at CBS 2 (who's wonderful, by the way) told me a week ago when I did my monthly "motivator" segment, "The good thing is, we're all in this together. This crisis, this recession touches everybody - not just you or me. And somehow we can all muddle through it together, right?"

Right. We're all in this together. In my last book, "Between Trapezes," I note that every trapeze artist has a catcher. He or she's the one who reaches out and takes your hands at exactly the right moment. Not a moment too soon or a moment too late. And trapeze artists have a wonderful saying: "Let the catcher do the catching." So, who are your "catchers"? Who are the people who believe in you and your dreams, who can remind you of how good you are even when you might have forgotten. Let them know how much you appreciate and count on them - especially during the holidays.

And hey, whose "catcher" are you? Tell someone you care about right now that you know how terrific they are - and that they'll grab hold of that next trapeze with all flags flying. And if they should need someone to catch them...they've got you.

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