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I was lucky enough to spend the last three days with my husband, Jim and our grown-up daughters, Kate and Abigail. We always have an incredible time together - we all love to cook - (and eat) and nothing makes me happier than the smell of garlic sauteeing, Billy Holiday singing in the backgroud and the sound of Kate's and Abigail's laughter. But Saturday night something especially wonderful happened. We were all at a party, busy chatting with old friends when suddenly, in the middle of a conversation, and for no apparent reason at all, Abigail put her arms around me, hugged me and said, "I love you, Mom."

"Wow," a friend of mine said. "I hope when my daughter is twenty-five and on her own like yours, that she'll hug me like that. You know, out of the blue..."

"She will," I said. And then I remembered my own mom whose been gone for awhile now, and how she said, "Wrap your arms around the special moments, darling, because in the end, they're what makes it all worthwhile. Look for them, love them and wrap your arms around them."

Be on the look out for those moments, okay? And when they show up, you know what to do.
And then share them with us, would you?



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