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Monday Morning Motivator: SHE'S THE ONE WHO....




How often, when we introduce someone, do we actually say who they are? I don't mean what they do, I mean who they are.  If I'm any example, not all that often. I heard myself introduce someone to a friend the other day by saying, "Hank, I'd like you to meet my friend, Barbara." That was it. Hank was left holding the bag and could only say to Barbara, "Great to meet you, 'bout this weather?"


Okay, that's not the absolute end of the world, but how much better it would've been if I'd done it right, and said, "Hey, Hank, meet my friend, Barbara. She and I worked together a million years ago. She's the one who saved my life over and over with her uncanny operational expertise. Believe me, there's nobody like her." Then Hank could've said, "Oh, you guys used to work together?! Boy, I bet you've got some great stories to tell..." and they'd have been off and running into a rollicking conversation.


Here's the thing: In this tech-saturated, work-obsessed, hyper-connected, surprisingly disconnected world we live in, it's more important than ever to well, connect - and encourage others to do the same. And there are so many opportunities to do just that on any given day! But we totally miss 'em.. It's time to pay attention. It's time to "get it" about each other - and let others "get it" about us, to reach out and take another's hand; or let them take ours, to ask, to listen, to appreciate people not only for their gifts and their talents but for their idiosyncrasies, for what they care about. Not just for the things that make them impressive, but for the things that make them loveable and maybe even unforgettable. It's time to introduce them to a world that needs to know not just their name, but who they actually are..


Not long ago we were at a cocktail party with our daughters and I overheard a young man introduce our younger daughter, Abigail, to a friend of his, saying, "This is Abigail, she's the one who makes me laugh. She's the funniest person I know..." Abigail, of course, got a huge kick out of it as did everyone else who heard the "intro," and of course, was really funny the rest of the evening... There are few better ways to connect with people than by making them laugh.


So next time you introduce somebody - at a party, at the office, on the street, wherever - do the world a favor will you? Connect them to the other person by completing this sentence, "This is my friend____and he's/she's the one who....." And do it with affection, respect and maybe even humor. Who knows? If enough of us do it, we might actually remember that this crazy thing we belong to called the human pretty wonderful..


"Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, 

And human love will be seen at its height. 
Live in fragments no longer. 
Only connect..."

--E.M. Forster, Howards End

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