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Monday Morning Motivator: BETTER THAN SHE’S EVER BEEN...






I betcha Spring is best this year


Better than she’s ever been


Or tried to be...


Like warmer and wearing a great big grin


And full of gin....and tonic.



I betcha she comes swingin’ in


Takes a bow, does a spin,


Then holds her pose


And waits...


for the applause



So raise your glass, 


Give her a cheer


(Okay, she was late but she made it here!)


Then maybe she’ll come sooner


Like, next year...



I wrote the first stanza of this little poem when I lived in Washington (and just decided to finish it today.) I was about 24 years old...and it was  spring. I had a job I really liked (writing motivational radio spots for the famous retired football coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, Bud Wilkinson, who’d become head of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness) -  and was dating a cute guy (who wrote speeches for Sargent Schriver, head of the Peace Corps.) I expected nothing but the best from a DC spring. And it was...gorgeous. But that was way before I met our spring - this spring - the spring who came so late we’d almost given up on her. And what I know about people, especially women (myself included) is that positive reinforcement works. So right as we are, about how wrong she was to come so late - we’ve got to make a big fuss that she showed up at all.... 


So when you walk outside on that first, gorgeous, warm, soft morning - reach your arms out and say out loud, “Just in time, kiddo! Thanks for showing up....” Because there are a lot of springs in your future and you’ve got to take ‘em as they come: late/early, long/short, wet/dry - and somehow make 'em totally fabulous. “Like warmer and wearing a great big grin...and full of gin and tonic.” You can do it.


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