Throw Out Fifty Things

We are surrounded with a deficit of confidence and a surplus of fear - so let's talk about how to resist the temptation to panic.

Here's the thing: things are really bad - and scary - no question. But we make them worse by stirring up the panic pot. We get together with people and hypothesize about how much worse it'll get, about how wrong it is, about how we'll never pull out of this, etc. etc. And we add to our own panic and everyone else's. We buy into the worst possible scenarios and act as if they're a forgone conclusion. We ruin the good moments with our fear of the bad ones. So what can we do to resist the temptation to stir it up, make it worse and wallow in everything that's wrong?

1. Edit what you listen to, watch on the news, what you tell yourself and other people about how bad it is. We are what we think about. So don't burden yourself with the worst possible thoughts. Edit them out.

2. Look at your situation and figure out what you can change and what you can't. Let go of the things you can't do anything about.

3. Be open to making the changes you can - cutting costs, spending less, even changing your lifestyle for the present time. Embrace the idea that you can be happy with less. You can.

4. Realize that what we are going through is a snapshot in time - it's not permanent. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. There always is.

5. Find reasons to be happy. Look for the delightful moments. Look for reasons to laugh. The best comedy always comes out of the worst times. And often, the best memories. Be the one to see the funny side; to create the good times in the midst of a tough situation. Have fun.

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