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Monday Morning Motivator-GET BACK IN THE GAME!



 “Are you kidding? Is the summer over already? It was just Memorial Day a minute ago!” I’ve heard that from a lot of crestfallen people in the last few days who feel depressed that Labor Day arrived uninvited, out of nowhere and clearly way ahead of time. It just didn’t seem right. And I heard myself saying out loud to a big, ol’ oak tree in our back yard, “Hey, not so fast! What are you doing with red leaves in your hair already?! Please, it’s not time yet. I’m not ready!” I talk to the trees a lot. But they don’t listen to me...(there was a song about that. It’s from the film version of “Paint Your Wagon, Clint Eastwood sang it...)

But actually, there’s good news: "Fall" has assumed the stature of spring - or the New Year - in the “new beginnings” category. I think the “back-to-school” actuality and attitude definitely helps trigger it - but there’s something else going on, too. There’s a simmering longing to stop, get over ourselves, dump the lethargy, the wishy-washyness, the whining - and get back in the game! Have you noticed how hard it’s been to get hold of people? To get anybody to decide anything? Well, that’s about to end. And as the air gets crisp, so will people’s minds. And suddenly, gears everywhere will shift from neutral to drive - and you - and I - will want to be part of that forward movement. Here’s how:

I call it, "The New Three R’s: Re-imagine, Reset, Recommit." 

1.Re-Imagine: It’s time to get back in touch with our dreams, with what drop dead good would look like - in our work and our lives. Maybe “good” is a promotion, a new job, a whole new career, a business of our own. Or maybe it’s a new (or renewed) relationship. Or what about starting a blog? Or going to yoga classes? Or...losing twenty five pounds? This is the time to invent new solutions, imagine new outcomes ....Remember Disney’s direction to the workers when he built a new theme park: "Build the castle first!” Because that’s where the magic is...

2.Reset: Adjust your attitude - from cynicism to positive expectations, from your focus on what you can’t control to what youcan.... from being right about how wrong it is - to concentrating on what’s actually working. Let go of the past: the regrets, “mistakes,” the old fears - of failing, of not being good enough, of not being recognized. Let go of anything that drags you down or holds you back - including those too-tight summer clothes you haven’t worn for three years and that too small view of yourself..

3.Recommit: Decide to act now. Give yourself a deadline. How about exactly three months from now. That’s December 10th. Got it? You’ll have asked for the promotion, or your blog will be up and running, or you’ll have lost twelve and a half of those twenty five pounds, or maybe you’ll have reset and renewed an "old” relationship - and it feels really, really good. Pick up the phone. Sign up for the class. Make the appointment to see your boss. Email that friend who offered to help get your business going..

So when you’re switching your summer stuff to that “other” closet and hauling out your fall and winter stuff, switch gears, okay?  It’s time to get back in the game...  You know, I’m looking up at that red-topped oak and I’m thinking she looks really beautiful. Maybe I should tell her. 


click hear to listen to  to ol’ Clint sing “I Talk to the Trees” - and fall in love with fall. 

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