Throw Out Fifty Things

Throw out count: 2

I recently threw out some old make up I had.

Crunch time, Grace Institute's program is winding down and now finals are approaching.

It's strange to see how people react to stress, some laugh and crack jokes and yet some cry,( I mean literally someone burst into tears today in the computer lab) Thank Goodness for Chorus practice, it was a nice outlet for my stress. I only signed up to sing at the graduation, because I KNOW I'll be terrified on stage and I NEED to do terrifying things, it keeps me going.

The job fair is approaching and we got the news that McGraw Hill will be attending. YAY!

I'm afraid, actually terrified that I won't find a job. I'm afraid that I won't make it out of the ugly cycle of abuse, neglect and lack of self worth that has marked my life up until now. I'm afraid that the interviewers will see my lack of self-belief and not want to hire me.

How about I throw that out too? I throw out the idea that I won't get at least ONE interview at the job fair.

I work SO hard at trying to make myself personable, NOT liked. I'm sure not everyone likes me, but I wish people could see what I see in myself' a compassionate, funny, helpful woman who is ready to give the world her all. I am willing to run, climb, gnaw and scratch my way into my dreams. I gave up on myself for too long, now it's MY TIME

NOW is my time
NOW I am ready
NOW I am capable
NOW I am worthy and deserve to be given an opportunity

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Comment by Gail Blanke on June 9, 2009 at 4:59pm
It is your time, Karol. And you are ready, capable and worthy. I'd love you to read the second to the last chapter in "Throw Out Fifty Things" - about being unforgettable. Remember, whenever you present yourself to anyone - it's not about you, it's about them. Shift your attention from yourself to your audience. Give them what they need. Love them. And they'll love you right back. Think Cher - or Tina Turner - walking out onto the stage. They don't think, "Gee, I hope this isn't the time I mess up..." They walk out there and think, "Hey, you're gonna love this - because it's all for you!" And they love it, all right. And they'll love you, too. Knock 'em dead.


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