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I let go of the type of person I think I am or am not. I thought that the 'brainy' type was taken by brother #1 and the 'funny' type was taken by brother #2. But I can by brainy or funny if I want to be too. I used to be the sensitive type. But that got blown away after living in Nigeria. You simply can't be shy and live there. Now I can tell you, "You are standing on my toe, and please get off now."

I am now recasting myself as the 'fun-loving' type. My husband was delighted to hear this and says that he looks forward to seeing this part of me. I recently went on a girl's night out pedicure party and afterwards bought a pair of sandals to show off my toes.

I also did an 'Eat Whatever I Want' day last month. Breakfast was buttermilk donut, apple fritter, coffee, orange juice, bacon, eggs and sausage roll. Lunch was dim sum. Our friend told my son, "Eat everything." He obediently ate everything, including Chicken Feet! Dinner was nothing. We were too full.

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Comment by Marilyn (Meme) on June 11, 2009 at 2:14am
I need a day of eating what I want and when too- I will try this next week. I am delighted to
read that you are going to have more fun and be more fun- that is a great goal.
hugs from Meme
Comment by Gail Blanke on June 10, 2009 at 3:00pm
Wow, I love it when people let go of the "type" they think they are and trade it in for something they like better! This is great stuff. "Fun-loving" is good. No wonder your husband's getting a kick out of it. Maybe he wants to re-cast himself, too. Take a look at the July/August issue of Body+Soul magazine and you'll see my article called "Toss Your Type." You should've been in it!

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