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Throw Out Fifty(+) Things - With a Friend!

I bought Gail's book for one of my sisters for Christimas and then, early this year, I bought it for myself. Over a few weeks I did some serious de-cluttering. A friend of mine and I actually did it "together"...we'd set a time, Skype with each other and show the area we wanted to tackle, and would check back in every few hours to keep each other on track. It's a way to feel like you're not alone, yet you and your friend can both be productive simultaneously (vs. you going to her place, and then on another day, she coming to yours).

Anyway, the Salvation Army picked up several bags from my apartment. Plus, I threw several bags of junk in the garbage!

While I still have a few areas I want to tackle, I feel like I've accomplished so much and wanted to share with the community!

Thanks to Gail for the inspiration!

Megan S.


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