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Throw Out Fifty Things Has Become My "Bible"!!

I started reading Gail's book a couple of nights ago. Wow!! Did it ever hit me hard. Generally I am pretty good at cleaning out stuff that is broken, holey socks, etc. But Gail made me see that it came to more than that.
Am I really going to watch all those DVDs from Walmart's 2/$10 bin that I haven't opened? Do I really want that underwear that an online date gave me when the relationship didn't work out? Do I really want that freaky magnet my sister gave me? And the list goes on.
So this weekend I started anew. I got rid of:

- underwear from that online thing went into the trash
- the freaky magnet went into the trash
- I gave away a dresser to my girlfriend for her son
- I sent Happy Feet DVD to my kids who live with their father (don't even get me started on that one)
- I have 5 DVDs that a guy here in town will pick up and give me a $1 each
- I listed 6 movies on Craigslist and Kijiji
- I have 3 movies to donate to the library
- I have a bag of 30 plastic bags to take to Walmart and trade for a reusable bag
- I have those 2/$10 movies ready to go back to Walmart (I don't have a receipt but they'll give me an instore credit)
- I cleaned out all my glossy magazines and have 40 that I have listed online for $2 each
- I have a box of items that need to be sent back to Avon
- I have a pile of cardboard boxes that will be taken to the recycle centre

And that's just the beginning. I have lots more to do this week. I will be by myself over the holidays so a good chance to keep cleaning out.

The one thing I am having a hard time with is organizing my Avon stuff. I am a leadership representative with Avon and therefore have not only the catalogues and two rogue orders sitting here but also all my sign up stuff (kits, books, etc.). This is where my poor dining room table looks like a hurricane has hit it. Anyone out there have any ideas how to organize catalogues, kits, display info, etc.? I'd gladly accept any suggestions. Thanx.

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Comment by Lisa Elliott on December 31, 2009 at 10:46am
Opps. Just noticed my error on my 2nd sentence--very telling, huh?! I meant to say I am so ready TO LET GO OF not living my best life. Whew! Amazing, isn't it?! The unconscious mind getting in the way...
Comment by Lisa Elliott on December 31, 2009 at 10:43am
I am brand new to this--found the book at the library--seems like appropriate timing to CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR!! I am so ready of not living my best life. I enjoyed reading your list of stuff--giving me ideas too. I've had 2 home businesses--Mary Kay & Cookie Lee jewelry--I ended up selling my MK to another rep at a ridiculously low price before I moved out of state--broke my heart--oh well... I still have some jewelry that I either give as gifts or donate, & sometimes I still sell a few items to friends who ask... It's all cute stuff, however... I didn't have much luck making any money at it... I feel so blocked... Everything is energy... So, I don't know how much Avon you have--You can always find places to donate as their raffle prize, auction, etc. I know it can be painful... I send you good energy to start the new year!!

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