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There are hundreds of thousands of ordinary, everyday heroes.

I live in lower Manhattan and, on Tuesday, October 30th, post-Sandy, when the power went out, I decided to head to my sister’s in the Bronx. I began the walk down 24 flights of stairs, in the dark, with a suitcase, two cats in seprarte carriers and a flashlight. On the 20th floor, I ran into a saint of a man who was on his way up but carried the suitcase and one of the cats all the way down for me.  I would have kissed him if I wasn't drenched with sweat.  I had a comfortable stay at my sister’s. I brought my laptop with me so I could work from there. (It was in my suitcase so I couldn't hurl the suitcase down the stairs!). I am now back home. While it was stressful and physically challenging, I did not lose any of my belongings, loved ones or fear for my safety. So much to be grateful for. Now I have to see if I can find/recognize my hero.


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