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Does everyone have "that" cupboard? It's similar to "that" drawer in the kitchen that everyone has... The one with the dried Krazy Glue, the dead batteries, cords from 9 cell phones ago, instruction manuals to thinks you don't remember owning, twist ties, single screws, calendars from 1998, keys that go to nowhere... you know "that" drawer that acts as an orphanage to anything that will fit, even if you have to push it down with your foot before you close it. I have a cupboard. For all the orphaned tupperware.... Some without tops, some without bottoms, some broken, some melted, most stained... If you can cook it, I can fit it in something in that cupboard. Well, at least I could yesterday...

Today I'm looking at an empty cupboard filled with possibilities. My husband purchased a deal through one of the social discount websites that got us a matching set of about 15 containers (which is more than anyone should ever need) for about $10.00 I washed them all yesterday and I'm ready to put them all away in their nice, new - and NEAT - home. (hello, alliteration fans)

I haven't tackled the fridge, spices, the other cupboards full of randomness like coozies, vases, bread makers that I've never used, cups that have been collected from every sporting event, trip, occasion, present, sale-at-starbucks, etc... But I'm getting there. Life gets in the way sometimes, but I'm motivated to feel that feeling I felt when I purged my closet. That feeling is like a drug. Well, not really. That was an over-exaggerated statement... I can't imagine going to "throw out fifty things" rehab. But it feels lovely...

I need to throw out about 50 pounds, too. Oooh, good topic to tackle once my house and workspace is nice and neat... One thing at a time, Chrissy. One thing at a time.

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Comment by Cheryl Burns on April 2, 2012 at 7:15pm

yes I have this same drawer, 2 of them in the kitchen and yesterday I organized them.they were the worst, batteries, 6 rolls of scotch tape, keys,...I ordered 2 drawer organizers for them...YEAH..that was the worst drawer in the house so I thought I would tackle it first..

Comment by Betty on November 17, 2011 at 5:21pm

I am hoping to pick up some boxes to start tackling my Tupperware/Rubbermaid/Glad/Hillshire Farm, and generic containers. Some in one of the cabinets, I rarely use. Saw some in WM today that looks like they would be great for the pantry but need to pull everything out and decide if there are things that would benefit by being in containers vs orginal packaging from manurfactuer. I won't have time this week, so everything will have to be put on hold until after Thanksgiving. I have many junk drawers to clean out or rearrange.


Bought a digital kitchen timer today so I can set aside so much time each day to tackle this paper clutter.

The Nest Effect blog by Tiffany has a great printable form: Identify the souce: paper clutter. It is interesting, when you write it down on that form, it is a great way to make yourself realize what really does cause your paper clutter problem. My goal for 2012 will be to not print off so much off websites/blogs/internet. Bought a 5 subject wide ruled spiral notebook today that also has 8 pockets. 200 sheets of ruled paper..I have self stick index tabs that I can use to make notes, record websites/blogs/inspirational stuff to refer to. One notebook to cover the type of blogs I follow which are home decorating, flower gardening and organizing blogs..Hoping this will eliminate a lot of excess paper clutter being printed off in the future.

Comment by Betty on November 4, 2011 at 1:31pm
Sounds like a normal junk drawer to me! LOL!

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