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It's all about passion. I've always believed that very little good happens without passion - passion for the job, passion for the end result, passion for the possiblity. It's true in a country, a company or a life. It's true whether you're an entertainer, a politician, a baseball player or a small business owner. Passion drives profits; passion works miracles. So I've been thinking that in spite of these very tough times, we've got to get back in touch with what we're really passionate about - in our lives and in our work. My passion is to motivate people to know how good they ALREADY are. So when I'm having one of those days when nothing seems to be going my way, I look for someone to motivate. It could be anyone - the receptionist in my office building, the guy at the cleaners, a friend of my daughter's. And the minute I engage in what I really care about, what I'm committed to - everything changes. I get back my energy and optimism; I might even start whistling. So what are you passionate about? What really lights you up? Get back into it - no matter how bleak the moment might look - and your whole day will turn around. And look out! If I happen to run into you on the street or on the phone, or even on email - I might just try to motivate the heck out of you. So brace yourself...

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