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During the past two weeks, I have gone through every cupboard and drawer in my kitchen, systematically cleaning, tossing and rearranging. It is much nicer to work in now! For taking two weeks, my list may seem rather short, but emotionally, it is a very good list. I made the decision to keep the corelle ware we were given as a wedding gift, but had never opened -- 11 1/2 years ago. It is now in use, and serving us wonderfully. By rearranging things I found room for all of the things I longed to have in the kitchen, but didn't know where to put. It should be a much better place to work from now on.


1. Recipes, for a web site I deleted, when I realized it was just a burden.
2. Food storage containers and lids that don't get used.
3. Parts to appliances that we no longer have (some of them may even have moved here from our last home).
4. 8 Tupperware pop-corn/salad bowls.
5. 11 Miscellaneous hand held utensils and pans.
6. A dozen or more empty jars and containers, including dish set gift boxes.
7. 7 dirty little baby bibs.

Total: 32 things


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