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Emails - friend or foe?! OK we all have them, lots of them, loads of them. I have two email accounts, my main one and a Yahoo one I use for purchases and store emails. Gail, I can't remember off the top of my head if you specifically addressed the email thing but..... This is an ongoing battle that I know everyone shares! Right now, I have 49 emails in my inbox and 399 to delete- click - 399 things hanging over my head GONE!

Now I will admit I file a lot of emails in their own folders and sub-folders, I've got loads of organizations I belong to, volunteer work etc... but the best part about organizing into files is that you can delete the whole file when you're done with it or the event is passed, with just one click!

Two weeks ago, I deleted about 1800 emails, old hanging around junk. Did it while I was watching TV. Less to sort through and my oooollllld laptop needs all the lightening up it can get!

Don't forget about sorting through the email contacts too !! Less to scroll through when you're trying to find the email address of your kid's friend to set up a playdate while your child is standing at your elbow saying..."did you find it yet mommy?...can I write it mommy?...can she come over mommy?" !!

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