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We can spend a lot of time on bitterness and hanging on to old wounds. When ever we do this we put ourselves
through the injury again and again. Sometimes we are so bitter that we hurt others who had nothing to do with
the original wounding.
Letting go of bitterness is a work in itself as so much of the bitterness has taking root deep in our heart. One of the best
ways to remove weeds from the garden is to dig them up by the roots- one by one. We can put poison on them but
take the risk of hurting the good plants and some weeds are hardly enough to survive the poison. We need to dig to the end of the root and then destroy the weed.
When we let go of clutter in our life we learn that we can let go of the bitters in our heart. Clutter is not a good thing as
it seldom brings us joy or happiness and often just sits there taking up space. When we have no space to put our
things we lose time and energy and money trying to find what we do need.
Clutter and bitterness are both very similar. They both take up needed space.
Take time while you are decluttering to remove some of the bitters in your heart to make room for joy and contentment.

hugs from Meme who wrote this for herself to ponder on------

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