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The "Best Stuff Tag Sale" Was a Hit!

As you can see from the pictures, Sally Carr's "Best Stuff Tag Sale" was absolutely great. All the participants gathered in Sally's back yard at 7:30 Saturday morning for doughnuts and coffee - and to set up their stuff. There was definitely something for everyone - from used "championship" golf balls to wonderful toys, gorgeous china,glassware and thoroughly beautiful antiques. But my favorite item was was the totally smashing and stunningly ugly tutu that Larry, Sally's husband modeled for us. Of course, it was snatched up in a heartbeat. According to Sally, the "really ugly things" always are. (Heaven only knows what ridiculous price it fetched!)

The sale started promptly at 9 AM as advertised. Sally and Larry are strict about start times because they don't feel it's fair if someone comes early and buys all the "good stuff." The people or "customers" were really interesting people from the small town of Norfolk, Conn. and its environs and were extremely interesting - and they all had wonderful stories to tell - either about what they were "letting go of" or selling - or how much they believed in recycling and buying things that had belonged to and been used by someone else. It was a very "green" day!

If you're thinking of having a tag sale of your own, check out pages 74 through 79 in "Throw Out Fifty Things" for Sally's ten tips to making it absolutely wonderful - and fun. And don't forget to award a prize for the most undesirable and ugliest item in the show. Hey, maybe you or someone in your family will model it. And send us pictures, will you?

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