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A quick run through, that's the real reason I’m even in this space right now is: a) it’s 60 and cloudy so it’s not too hot b) I’ve piles of things that need to go into storage – finally took down the “winter” decoration on the DR chandelier – and I can’t even walk in the space so a quick clean out is over due… The Christmas Deco clean out will just have to wait until December. Less than an hour, things are tidy again! Plus, my daughter is nagging me to move into the 3rd fl playroom so she can have a room separate from her sister so seeing as how the playroom (adjacent to storage) is pretty well paved in toys...I've gotta start somewhere!

1. Books 52 of them to the library ( 1 entire carton ) , about 10 others pulled out for the girls. That leave 3 cartons patiently waiting for bookcases. I found books that I’d love to read but can’t because there’s no place to put them so I ‘m hoping that this fall, we can get some bookcases in the LR for books and scrapbooks so we can enjoy them!

2. (2) girls redi-bed sleeping bags…they’ve out grown them (!) and are ready for real regular sleeping bags.

3. FP “farm” set to donate to church fair sale the girls will never miss that it’s not in the “keep” box.

4. Misc. baskets to donate to church fair sale, they’re really nice but I’ve not used them in quite some time.

Total: 4

Grand Total” 23

and I haven’t even gone through ½ the house yet!

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