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I would like to thank everyone who has commented and shown so much support. I feel wonderful reading everything you all wrote.

Let's see...

It seems I decided to "start my life" in the worst economy ever.
I still do not have a steady paying job. You know, sometimes I feel this has been a kind of blessing. Since my income has decreased I have been forced,rather I have taken a look at things that are really important. Not everything is about money.
I was not raised this way either, I don't know when I started to put so much emphasis on these things. Suddenly I stopped wanting to help the world, and became consumed almost with the idea of material things.

If I think back--and I'm going to right now--on the happiest time of my life..probably my first semester of college,a whirlwind of papers and meeting new faces, being excited about the future, falling in love,falling out of love,bad food.. I was so broke but I was so happy. Perhaps trying to recapture this feeling is what has driven me to enroll into college again.

Yes,I cannot wait for anyone to call me anymore it will drive me nuts. I choose, to further my education.

This will be a good way to meet new friends, get a clear idea of what I want my career to be.
So far I've been exploring things for the wrong reasons, I cannot imagine doing something that I don't absolutely love for a living.

I will keep you posted on how everything goes.

wow, I feel so much better after saying all of that "out loud"

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