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I have a dog who likes to sit on chairs- this is ok as he is little and old- kind of like me- but as I have been cleaning
and clearing out I realized we had a chair that looked like a dog sat there --- so my head as been saying to take that chair outside and use it up for summer and then off to the dump-( it is fine for summer sitting in our part of the country)

today I took the chair out- and with it I let go of memories that I have but no longer need to keep- there are other chairs
and Dogman is not fussy as long as he has a blanket to cuddle in-

I feel good and glad that the deed is done and it was not too hard for me to do and now I have created more space which
frees my thoughts
huggles me-- Meme

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Comment by Gail Blanke on July 15, 2009 at 5:25pm
We have a dog named Willa who loves to sit in chairs, on sofas, stand on tables, you name it. There's no piece of furniture she hasn't claimed. Once I saw her step up onto an outdoor wooden lounge chair and tinkle - that way she didn't get her feet wet... We've done a great job training her, doncha think?


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