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I checked out the work book and that means I need to start in the bedroom.

Right now, my bedroom is my safe place. It even seems strange to say my bedroom
because it was our room for so long. Hubby and I talked a lot about this room and when
he went to the hospital for the last time; we both decided that I needed a space where I
could be safe to grieve. It was a hard day as we both knew that he would not be coming
home again. I started to build myself a cozy nest when I was not at the hospital with him.
The last 3 weeks I slept on the floor beside his bed so that he and I knew he was not alone.

After he died I knew I needed a place that was mine as every where I went in the house-
his memory was present.
I set up the room as half bedroom and half office. I have my laptop here and the bed and so
on. I don't come here to get away from memories but to share memories
and journal and just have a place that is me. Love is stronger than death so my love for him
remains in this room too.
I did the closet yesterday- and found that it was nice to have things neat and organized.
It is a small closet so has always only held my clothes. Papa hubby had the spare room closet
which is now occupied by my grand daughter. (one less room for me to do), She occupies
the room and not the closet. LOL
She is 19 and was/is
a great blessing in our/my life. She never missed a day on papa's cancer journey where she came
and helped take care of him. They had a wonderful relationship. She is a good person to have
in my spare room.
now back to the bed room-
closet is done...and tomorrow I will come on to the next place. I had done the closet once
before this book so there was not a lot to let go of--- but I did find a few things.
I will not list things here but will share numbers so I now have 10 less things in my nest.
I am not sure what mental things that I have dealt with yet except to live my widow walk.
I feel joy here and while there is sorrow mixed into the joy, I am so blessed.

I would love to see some other work book blogs and I do hope that no one minds that I blog here.

hugs from Meme

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Comment by Val Valcourt on June 4, 2009 at 3:28pm
God bless you Meme, you're not alone on your walk. Will look for more posts & will be posting my own in the near future. Don't be afraid of the sorrow; it's part of the process.

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