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Well, I wish I could say that I have managed to stick to the plan 100%. Still, the week was not a total bust. I have kept the kitchen clean and neat and the bathroom moderately clean and neat. And may I say it is a true pleasure to walk into the kitchen (and bath) in the morning and not see piles of dirty dishes or empty milk cartons and other old food wrappers/containers scattered around, spills all over the counters, garbage overflowing, etc. It's made me feel like a new woman!

My bedroom is a disaster, though ~ I still haven't put away all the stuff (suitcase, clothing, odds & ends) from my trip to New York over the holidays, nor have I sorted through the pile of clothing that I seldom (if ever) wear anymore so I can get them out of my closet, not to mention the old and/or unused makeup that needs to be tossed, or the piles of papers that are laying around waiting for me to go through them.

I also haven't kept up my eating plan. It's been a bit stressful at work this week. We all (staff) just found out that we are not getting our bonuses this year, though the company seems to have made a profit. Though I know that is not a good reason for messing up, I can't seem to stop myself from gorging on sugar whenever I get really stressed, and there was this huge platter of cookies just sitting on the counter of the lunchroom, calling my name, on the day we found out about our bonuses. 'Nuff said. I haven't gone to the gym, either, although I did do some extra walking. I plan to start this weekend. We'll see.

I am plugging away at my writing goal, though very very slowly.

So, there's my report for last week. Not so great, but not irredeemable either.

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Comment by Mary Kip on January 20, 2009 at 10:42am
Thanks so much for your encouraging words, Gail. I try to remember my little successes and not let the setbacks get to me, but sometimes I need to be reminded. I appreciate your comments. One big success is that my home is neat enough today (and has been for the past week) to welcome unexpected visitors without feeling like I want to disappear under one of the piles that used to lay scattered around the place. :) Thanks for all you are doing to help make the world a better place!
Comment by Gail Blanke on January 19, 2009 at 4:19pm
Hey, you're definitely making progress. Plus, you're writing about it - which means you're on your way to doing the stuff that means the most to you. Don't be too hard on yourself. Celebrate the small wins - and keep you vision - in terms of your fitness, your clarity, your writing, your happiness - clear in you mind. You're terrific, Mary Kip!


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