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Today I hung 9 pictures in my "office". I'm really calling it my "Project Room". If the camara hadn't deleted the before pictures, I would have entered it in the contest. It was a horrible mess. It is getting better.

34. Broken bracelet
35. Easy-bake oven
36. Hummingbird feeder (the cat ate a hummingbird)
37. Toy microscope
38. 4 old pocketbooks
39. 5 swimsuits
40. 2 dining room pictures

The amazing thing is all the neat things that I am finding. It's like going shopping, but I find stuff that is exactly to my taste. I found old music, pictures, video games. I swapped some old video games for a new one. I swapped some old books for new ones.

The pictures I hung are taken from old clothes patterns from the 70's. The drawings of the funny clothes and hairstyles just make me smile. So, when I found cheap picture frames at the thrift store, I bought them and finally framed those patterns I bought 8 years ago for that purpose!

I just shredded bank statements from ten years ago when I lived at home with my parents. Yes, I keep everything. Now I'm letting it go. With each thing I let go of, the next thing is a little bit easier. Maybe I finally will clean out my Great-grandmother's things from the basement...

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Comment by Susan R. Cullen on May 26, 2009 at 7:56pm
Oh, no!
Not the Easy Bake!
(I love those things! Remember when they were avocado green and had that funny shape?)

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