Throw Out Fifty Things

I had four days off work, so I went through the papers in the Cubby-hole paper filer (what do you call those things, anyway?)
and filed them.. I tossed a few more, too. Can't put this in the count, because I included it earlier.

I sat on my porch and went through old photographs. Tossed the old, boring and damaged ones. Threw out duplicates.
My Mom and I went on a picnic and looked at vacation photographs together, after we ate Chinese food. Mom liked them a lot! So I am going to give Mom one very special photograph of me, when I climbed high and stood by a tall waterfall. Mom had climbed that same hill years ago and stood by that same waterfall. She was happy that I experienced the same thing that she did....the cool mist from the waterfall....the thrill of height.....the emerald green trees all around...... I will give Mom another photograph, too.....turns out it was hers, and had ended up mixed up with mine!

So, I think my count is 46.


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Comment by Gail Blanke on May 31, 2009 at 9:10am
Susan, sounds like you're thoroughly enjoying the "throw out" process! (And your mom, too!) Can't wait to hear what happens in your junk drawer!


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