Throw Out Fifty Things

I have the bedroom done for now although there are some things I keep planning in my heart.
Then I was off to the bathroom which was no contest as grand daughter lives here and that is about all I have to say.
If you have lived with a teen age gal, then you know how many bottles of shampoo they require and
all the other girl stuff-. I did a good tidy and tossed some things of mine- I did not toss her things as
that is not my job. I think that is an important thing to remember; that we do not need to clear out other's chaos.

I have learned to mind my own business so I guess you could say I tossed out ''interferring. It feels
so good to only be concerned about how my life is going- I started this keeping quiet a few years ago
and just have remind my self now and then. Of course, I take interest in what others
are doing and celebrate the moments with them but I just mind my own business and give away no free
I find this is a great sense of freedom from daily woes that did not belong to me.

I have also left toxic friends behind- letting go is never easy but I am not paid to listen to
the whine. I love helping folks and I care a lot but I realized that sometimes it is a good thing
to walk away. this is a new thing for me and it is hard to do but I need to care for Meme now.
Being on my own is very new and different- I was married for 42 years and lived with mom and dad
for 18. Now I have to learn to make good decisions with no one to listen to me and no one to change
my mind. I am responsible for Meme.

hugs froom meme in Canada who is coming out......

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