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I was a wife, mother and grandmother this time last year. But now I am a widow instead of a wife. I spent the winter in deep
sorrow until Easter Sunday. On that first day of the week the Lord rolled away the stone in my heart. I am still in grief
but now my grief has found joy. I decided it was time to begin spring cleaning in both my house and my heart.
So often we tend to just leave things as they are and keep things that have no meaning to us. I started by clearing out
material things that were cluttering my house and taking up space that I needed. It begins with one thing. Letting go of
that one thing gave me the freedom to let go of much more.
The things were once needed and did once give my joy but now they had taking a root in my life and were strangling
my space.
Once I was able to start letting the material things go I was able to start letting the emotional roots go- we do not always
notice the roots that grow from bitterness. It starts with something some one said or did not say and or perhaps something
done to us. We don't notice much at the time; instead we plant the seed and then we start to nurse it until it starts to take
root and grow. When our heart of full of bitterness there is no room for anything else to grow and our love and joy begin
to die.
to be continued............

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Comment by Marilyn (Meme) on June 12, 2009 at 12:18am
thank you - the birds and cage our mine but the cat is not! the birds love to go outside in the warm days and the cat loves to come for a visit- they get a long quite well and it is almost as if the birds call the kitty as he only comes to visit when they are outside. I keep an eye on them and for 3 summers now- all has gone well. I put the cage on the balcony rather than a table in case the cage should fall.
and that is our story. :-)
Comment by Susan R. Cullen on June 3, 2009 at 9:24pm
God bless you as you continue your journey! Love the kitty in your picture!
Comment by Marilyn (Meme) on June 2, 2009 at 11:38pm
Gail- what a wonderful word for my journey- Magnificent! thank you- I have been looking for a word to describe my new life- and it does no damage to my joy and or to my grief. Papa hubby would have loved this discription. I have started the work book which means I am in the bedroom- I am not in a rush......just stepping up to the plate everyday. I will continue to blog also simply because it is a blessing for me to share what life has taught me and what I am still learning. I did get to the city today but daughter and I could not find your book yet so my brother lives in a bigger city and he will look there.
until later- huggles from Meme
Comment by Gail Blanke on June 2, 2009 at 4:48pm
My dear, you are on a magnificent journey, aren't you? It will only get better. You're a very brave person...


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