Throw Out Fifty Things

I'm up to 17 at home and 10 at work. I'm trying to tackle a small area every day to see what I can find that I no longer need.

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Comment by Amanda on March 10, 2009 at 9:41am
1. Old hand lotion
2. Costa Rican colones
3. Ugly mouse pad
4. Blank thank you notes that I don’t like from my predecessor
5. Keys that don’t open anything
6. Pink caribiner
7. Cat key hood
8. Boxes of old crayons
9. NYC plastic folding map
10. Box of mechanical pencil lead
11. Pencil with dalmation topper
12. Old greeting cards
13. Burned cds with unknown contents from college
14. Cd cases without cds
15. A worn out leopard belt
16. Pink fleece gloves with a stain
17. Wellie warmers that don’t match my boots
18. Two broken umbrellas
19. 2 old zagat guides
20. Old pain meds
21. Bottle of face scrub I don’t like
22. Satin ribbons
23. 4 ugly headbands
24. Broken thermometer
25. Expired Dramamine
26. Giant makeup bag
27. French soap that smells bad
28. Old Ziploc bags
29. Empty jar of spot remover
30. Georgia o’keefe printout
31. Stack of one-sheeters from an old book
32. Magazines
33. Old mail that had been piling up
34. Wire hangers
35. Old flip flops

1. Extra stapler
2. Extra calculator
3. 2 mugs
4. Desk lamp
5. Memory binder
6. Box of thumbtacks I don’t like
7. Giant box of paperback reprints
8. 2 rolling suitcases
9. 2 file sorters
10. 1 pair pants
11. 1 long coat
12. Multiple tops
13. Scarf
14. Leather purse

1. Being right about my husband’s disorganization
2. Regret over my a career decision

1. 8 pictures
2. 3 manuscripts
3. 1 whole folder full of old vault downloads

TOTAL = 54 THROW OUTS (and I’m still going)
Comment by Gail Blanke on March 8, 2009 at 5:51pm
Amanda, what a good job you're doing! It's a good idea to take it one small area at a time - one day at a time. That way you never get overwhelmed and it doesn't feel like work! What did you throw out so far that made you feel really good? When you get going, you'll find that you take energy from letting stuff go. Let me know how it goes. You're example will encourage a lot of people!


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