Throw Out Fifty Things

Yep. I'm going for multiples of fifty. This is the first bit, started this past weekend and continuing through this week. These are all physical things...the mental throwaways will be listed later.

1. 3 unused wastebaskets from my laundry room
2. Half a bag of bargain diapers and half a bag of bargain Pull-Ups that leak
3. Stained clothing belonging to my kids
4. White table cloth accidentally dyed pink in the wash
5. Ceiling light cover that we can't figure out how to re-attach (it's from the laundry room, so...who cares?)
6. Unmatched socks
7. Easter 2009 & Halloween 2008 candy
8. My kids' art projects (I kept a few favorites)
9. Magazines (National Geographic, cars, cooking, decorating...)
10. McDonald's Happy Meal toys
11. Outgrown shoes
12. Old religious supplies
13. Pile of junk mail
14. A huge bag stuffed with other plastic grocery bags. It was larger than 75% of my children
15. Old makeup
16. Post-natal supplies from my son's birth in January
17. Old medicine
18. Unused yarn remnants from completed knitting projects
19. Maternity clothes
20. Some closet organizing things (under-shelf baskets & shelf dividers) that worked in my old house, but not in this one
21. More than a dozen binders of recipes that I cut & pasted out of magazines, but haven't looked at in years
22. Two shelves of crafting books
23. EZ Bake Oven (my daughter and I cook on the full-size kitchen equipment together)
24. Wooden salad set (there aren't enough bowls for our entire family anymore)
25. Gear from my long-gone days as a long-distance hiker (I figure when I regain that life of luxury, I'll want the newest stuff)
26. Old spices
27. Office supplies we don't use and can't store
28. Hammered tin ware (gave it to my mother, who collects the stuff)
29. Tiny air freshening candles (we have too many small children for open flame)
30. A rooster lamp that I loved on, but don't so much love in my actual house
31. Plastic "terra-cotta" planters that aren't fooling anyone
32. A big, heavy, wooden kitchen table that I have no place for
33. Silicone baking cups and a kids' cookbook (see #23, EZ Bake Oven)
34. Bentwood rocking chair for which I also have no room
35. Metal & wicker drawers that have never been convenient for anything I need to store
36. Manuals for stuff I no longer own
37. Novels
38. Scrapbooking supplies (I do all mine online now)
39. Road maps & atlases, not as up-to-date or convenient as online directions
40. Full-length mirror that is just taking up floor space and hitting my kids on the head when it swivels
41. Coat rack that makes my living room look cluttered
42. Roller blades worn twice by my 32-year-old husband
43. Random and tangled electrical cords
44. Wall hangings I don't like anymore
45. Table linens that don't work in the new house
46. Insulated picnic backpack that I'm sure some young couple with no kids & lots of free time will enjoy
47. Paper shredder
48. 20-year-old suitcases that look 50 years old
49. Evening dresses and fancy suits that no longer fit and never get worn
50. Drapes from the old house

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Comment by Stacey on June 3, 2009 at 5:46pm
Probably the recipe binders...I wasn't using them, but they were TOUGH to let go. Now I sort of feel like I can toss just about anything. Nothing is safe ;-)
Comment by Gail Blanke on June 3, 2009 at 4:18pm
Great list, Stacey! Love the roller blades that were only worn twice. Hey, somebody could use 'em! Seriously, this is a very thoughtful list. Really glad you threw out the old meds. We should all do that on a regular basis. What's the thing that made you feel the best about letting it go?


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