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I've reorganized the house: moved the furniture around & even got rid of some.

The Bedroom:  The clutter that was all over the floor is now put away (bins of knitting yarn, bins of old photographs that I'm in the process of sorting out, bins of old clothes, the ironing board, an empty planter), and I moved out the office furniture and printer, etc., giving the room an open, relaxing feel.  I even cleaned off the balcony, getting rid of old dying plants, unused planters and other junk (a plastic laundry basket that held spray bottles, plastic bags and pieces of a water feature that hasn't worked for two years)! 

The Living Room: I moved the desk and office stuff to a corner that used to hold the bird cage.  Since I don't have a TV, I use the living room for reading, listening to music, surfing the 'net, and writing, so the desk should work well there.  I moved the bird cage into the dining area where the bakers rack used to be.  The rack and dining table now reside on the front patio, which has a nice overhang so (living in So.Cal. like I do) I can eat out there all year, even in winter. Otherwise, I'll just eat in the living room like I usually do. 

The Dining Area: I love the openness of the dining area, which now holds nothing but the bird's cage, her feeding perch, and a tall cabinet where I will be keeping her food, toys and newspapers as soon as I clean out all the junk I've been keeping in it. (My African Grey parrot has more real estate and toys than some kids.) 

The Kitchen: I took everything off the counters except the things I use every day (the espresso maker, the bean grinder, a cutting board, the dish soap and hand soap) and put away (or threw away) the rest of the stuff.

These changes have made the whole house seem larger and brighter and me feel a lot lighter.

Next steps: Sort through my closet, dresser drawers and plastic bins of old clothing; sort through papers and keepsakes in a box by the desk in the living room, scan to PDF or .jpg file whatever I want to keep; toss or shred the rest of the papers. 









Nickel the Africian Grey doing a little dance on her perch.

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