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My presentation was simply amazing! I actually got a standing ovation...all 130 people!! And I was funny!

I would never have agreed to give the presentation, and I would never have been so successful if it were not for my time with you. You transformed my perspective and confidence in so many ways, not to mention the many, many tricks you taught me about presentation when I walk into a room, presentation in front of an audience, and presentation in individual meetings. I learned about how to move the garbage aside and be myself.

This speech marked an important milestone for me

Thank you, thank you,


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Comment by Gail Blanke on February 6, 2009 at 3:03pm
You know how proud I am of you. This is a whole new beginning. For someone as passionate about what she does as you are - there's no way you can't be effective. And the great thing is - you let your passion show! And in the end, that's what makes us unforgettable.


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