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I decided to treat myself to a summer holiday feeling even though I have to stay home( no money for widow to on vocation ) - I am just taking a relaxed time to do things and also taking time to not do things- I want to see the sun rise- hear the birds sing and smell the roses- .
I am still living in daily life but I am not in a hurry or scurry to get things done- I have no to do lists on my desk-
It is only day 4 and already I feel the peace and I have got things done and things have been tossed or put out in the give
away shed. Notice I now have a shed rather than a box..LOL
I will go back to a more normal program in September but it has been over 40 years since Meme had summer holidays. My mama always made sure that brother and I had a summer holiday even though we were farmers and could not go on a vocations. It was
good for our emotional health for the break- and yes,- the cows still had to be milked and the hay cut and stacked and the garden weeded but the attitude and the atmosphere was in a holiday mode.

huggles from Meme

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