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I had my kitchen cleaned and etc. a few weeks ago but when I came home the other day I did not find any comfort while standing in there.
So I sat down and thought out some things and decided to have another go at the kitchen-and see if I could make it more user friendly and more comforting.

I worked hard for 3 days and tossed and organized and moved ( yes, Meme moved the fridge). I did this all by myself and this was important to me as I was so used to having dear papa hubby here that I need to affirm in my mind that I could
do these things with out him. It did not change my love or my grief but it did lift my soul as I was able to throw
out the feeling of not being able to move on with out him. It gave me courage to keep working on me.

My kitchen is so nice right now- I have a old house so nothing is fancy or modern but I learned from my dad that
although you cannot make a silk purse out of a pig; you can still make a good purse. (poor pig-lol)

I did make a good purse(kitchen) and now there is a lot of Meme comfort in my kitchen- I tossed out one cupboard that only took up space and
rearranged Dogman's kitchen seat( it is on the floor) but he likes to watch me cook.
and now the kitchen looks bigger and has a whole new view- and it is more user friendly.
Having already cleaned and tossed a few weeks before this big change; I had more courage to take this task on immediately.

- not sure how many things I tossed as I lost count but it was a good number.

hugs from Meme

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