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Wow, haven't been back here since 3/4 and I thought the last 2+ days had slipped by! There goes over a week into oblivion. Why is it that all good intentions seem to be in constant battle with time? Sun Tzu says that all battles are won before they begin. The strategy is to force the enemy to reveal himself, then we can take them on with no surprises. But time is a deep thing to take on. Along the way man has mandated that all things be cut into nice little 24 hour blocks, that grow into days, weeks, months and years. The focus seems to be on work hours and week ends in most of our lives today. The rest of the available time in between is for everything else.

Maybe it is enough just to have an understanding of our own use of time with a good time management strategy. Realizing that if we imagine our time blocks as containers, there is only so much that can be contained in each one. Focusing on weeding out what is just taking up space and with time! You will probably find AT LEAST 50 things you can stop wasting your time on every day.

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