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Last week I placed an order for several books I have been eyeing for some time now. As I was checking out, the book Throw Out Fifty Things caught my attention, so I added it to the order. I am so glad I did! It showed up yesterday, and I began reading.

I have been working on making over my house now for seven weeks. This week I was working on the Master Bedroom. Since that is where the book began, I dived right in. With in an hour, most of the room had been decluttered, using Gail's simple directives. It feels wonderful! So far, my list looks like this:

1. A rug I made years ago.
2. Nursing pads.
3. A swim suit.
4. 10 bras that no longer fit.
5. 3 catalogs.
6. 10 pair of underwear I don't like.
7. 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of shorts.
8. A night gown/robe set.
9. 2 carpet samples.
10. A broken hair clip.
11. Several articles, diaries and journals.
12. 8 pieces of costume jewelry.

I have been keeping track of my journey to a cleaner home and yard on this blog: Do what you know and the rest will be easy!

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