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That was Klingon for "Success!"

I just dropped off the romance novels for the library book sale and a box of papers to recycle to boot! I filed two boxes of loose papers yesterday; finally going through all the stuff that was too important to throw out, but didn't have to be acted on right away.

Then, I did something astonishing... I finished the wallpaper boarder that I've been delaying for two years! It took 44 minutes, and I've spent years trying to clean out my office enough to get in there and get it done. While I was on a roll, I painted the final bookshelf, and will hang it later today. I might actually dust in there for the first time in... forever?

I think that after I have that room under control, I'll be ready to really start in on the "mental mess".

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Comment by Gail Blanke on June 3, 2009 at 3:49pm
Love it about the wallpaper border! I bet it looks great. You should post a picture! Are you into the mental mess yet? Can't wait to hear what you tossing out? Keep us posted, OK?

Meanwhile, take a minute to congratulate yourself on your good work!


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