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How on earth did it get to be December?

Summer = no real work on anything except keeping garden alive (ha ha) and 2 eight year old occupied for the summer. Huge summer vacation to CA this year, girls first airplane ride!

Fall = school, scouts, church, 20 people for Thanksgiving

Winter = hibernate and catch up!

06 - Donations to the church fair & friends with smaller kids!

Our church has a biiig church fair every year and every year I donate items, this year is no exception. I also re-connected with one of my grad school buddies whose daughter is exactly the right age to appreciate some of the girls old toys! So from my ever increasingly foggy memory, here goes!

Thomas & Friends train playboard donated to church silent auction, took 2 years before I could pry it away from them.
Collection of Lenox vases from my sister in law who used to work there and regularly bestowed fun gifts upon us....i used them for years but really they’re just not my style.
Jewelry that I never wear for jewelry table....unfortunately, I had stashed away a larger amount of it with a jewelry box I never use but didn’t un-earth it until switching out my shoes after the fair was over!
Little mermaid, ariel’s dressing table....I was such a good doobie, I even cleaned it up, put new batteries in it and made sure it worked!
Selection of kids sporting goods items outgrown but still in great shape
To my friend, mom to adorable 2 year old Sophie dolly baby carriage
Also to Sophie...a selection of Thomas DVD’s and videos

I know there is more but I just can’t put my finger on them!

Total: 6
Grand Total: 29

Reorganizing/cleaning out to start in earnest January 4

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