Throw Out Fifty Things

Yay! I bought this book a month ago because I am moving out of the country in 2 weeks and I needed some help clearing out my stuff and my life. My goal for the move is for it to be a fresh start in many aspects and the book has helped me towards that goal. Here is my list.

1. Picture Frames
2. Clothes to Refasion
3. Uncomfortable shoes
4. 3 Skirts
5. 4 pairs of capris/shorts
6. 8+ bottles of nail polish
7. Jewelry-belly button/earrings
8. Fabric
9. Books
10. Mirror
11. Printer
12. Juicer
13. Candles/decorations
14. Shampoo/conditioner
15. Photo paper
16. Scrapbooking supplies
17. Desk
18. Pens/Pencils
19. Bookshelf
20. Dresser
21. Old Kitchen Items
22. Bedspread/sheets
23. Childhood things that held no meaning
24. Filing Cabinet
25. Cookbooks
26. Feeling like I’m not good enough to my parents
27. Dishes
28. Shotglasses collection
29. Thinking of myself as a procrastinator
30. Thinking of myself as a pessimist
31. Thinking of myself as messy
32. Thinking of myself as lazy
33. Thinking of myself as hating exercise
34. Thinking of myself as catty/mean
35. Feeling like I’m not pretty enough/don’t care about my appearance enough
36. Regret-
37. Regret-treating Brent badly
38. Regret-lying to my parents re: Andy
39. Regret-not doing more at work
40. Being right about payroll
41. Being right about people at work
42. Being right w/Ryan
43. Being right about the San Diego thing
44. Not being perfect at sewing
45. 2 Thread racks
46. Fears that people won’t like me because of: 1. my body 2. vegetarian-ism 3. my beliefs about god 4. my clothing 5. things I make 6. my opinions
47. Assuming people don’t like me/think I’m weird
48. Assuming people aren’t going to follow through
49. Thinking I always have to be the one to get things done
50. Not accepting offers for help

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Comment by Shawna Shenette on June 16, 2009 at 9:02pm
Goodness, does your list look a lot like what I expect my list to be! You've done a wonderful job. I hope I can do just as well.
Comment by Gail Blanke on May 31, 2009 at 9:22am
Susan, you've done a spectacular job! And Susan is right - the mental/emotional throw out's are spectacular. Maybe it's time to re-read chapter 15 in the book - about not needing to have absolutely everyone like you. Remember what my mom said, "the only thing everybody likes is water - and that's because it has no taste." You're definitely not water - and good for you! In fact, you sound like an absolutely fascinating and talented woman. In terms of the regrets, when the old "voices" float back about how you should've done things differently, remind yourself that you've tossed those out. You may have to remind yourself every day for awhile, but soon they'll fade out for good. You're terrific...

Comment by Susan R. Cullen on May 26, 2009 at 8:12pm
Wow! You've done a wonderful job. Wherever you are moving to, I hope you enjoy your new, uncluttered home!
I especially like how you tossed out all the 'psychological'/emotional stuff! Yes, don't you feel better after tossing all those regrets? Yes, you are SOOOO right to toss the 'not pretty enough' stuff----Jesus looks at the heart, anyway and that is more important. Our culture is way too focused on externals. I'm glad you tossed the 'not doing more at work ' stuff' too. Most women who work do a fantastic job! Keep up the good decluttering wherever you go!

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