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I Never Knew How Exhilarting 'Relieving' Myself of 50 Things Could Be!

Hello Gail!


A dear friend gave me a copy of your book a few years ago and it had lived on my book shelf looking nice, but unread.


On June 21st (which was, coincidentally, the summer solstice, a Friday and the end of a pay period) I took early retirement and began to read your book at last. Since then I have been purging, sifting and sorting.

I had donated 16 very large boxes of books, just about my entire wardrobe (14 black garbage sized bags filled to the top), mountains of unused blankets, years worth of a variety of magazines (another 12 bags full I think) and many incidentals that have accumulated and collected dust. I have health issues which left me without enough energy to do any of this while I was working - even at half time, but once I started I can't stop!


I never knew how utterly exhilarating deep sifting and sorting can be. I guess that, according to your book, all of those many boxes may only count for a few things, but it sure has helped in many ways. I'm not sure how I will get to 50 things, but I am sure going to try!


 I could have sold the clothes in several local second hand shops (some were my nice business suits and clothes from my career years) but I chose to donate them to a our local thrift house that benefits out local fire department. The books were donated to the library for their sales. The magazines went into out wonderful local magazine recycle racks. Funny thing is that a friend saw me and  thanked me for leaving all of my knitting magazines at the drop off - she picked them up and loves them!


I keep your book nearby an, now that I know how great "less" feels like I'm just going to keep going. Thanks for writing the book!

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