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I read in the Monday Motivator that I know what to do, now just do it. And after reading a couple chapters it really motivated me and I started yesterday afternoon in my bedroom. Actually it started in the hallway to my bedroom where I had some "stuff" sitting there waiting for me to deal with. Oh, it's only been sitting there for over a year. Embarrassing but true. So I started going thru it and truthfully, it wasn't so bad once I decided to tackle it. I had a couple bathroom items I decided I could still use so they were put in the right place, there was an old bag with leftover yarn and some original handspun yarn that before I couldn't part with. I looked at the bits and pieces and decided that I haven't needed these "treasures" for years...and I don't need them now. I'll make more handspun yarn. It just wasn't valuable to me and so out it went to the trash bag and now...I don't have to think about it anymore. The other box was items from my old desk, pens, paper clips, lipsticks, post-it's, all the stuff I had stashed in my drawers. I went thru all of it, threw things away and now that is done. Amazing how being able to walk into my room without seeing those items made me feel better.

I only had 8 items on my list of 50 but those eight items were a huge stepping stones and I will continue today.

Items on my list:

Office Desk Items
Socks (yes, I tackled the dreaded sock drawer and have all matching pairs.!)
Nightstand table "stuff"

and I can't remember the other two items, but it added up to 2 large trash bags and the start of a donate bag.

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