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WOW, I was definitely blown away by the spectacular event I spoke at on Thursday in Huntsville, Alabama. There was an overflow crowd of 400 people with a wait list of over 100. This was one of the best promoted and produced events I've ever been a part of. It was organized by the renowned Huntsville Hospital at the famed Merrimack Hall complex as part of their ongoing "Laugh and Learn" series - and it was an absolute "10" from this speaker's point of view. The audience was as good as it gets - totally engaged and eager to participate. Some of them even stood up and sang their "power songs!!" The excellent sound team made an audio recording of the event - and I plan to use short excerpts from it on our site to keep you guys motivated (and entertained.) Meanwhile, if you ever get the chance to go to Huntsville, take it. And try to catch one of the "Laugh and Learn" events at Merrimack Hall. You'll come away energized, informed and thoroughly entertained.


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