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I found Throw Out Fifty Things at my local library the other day. I started reading & knew it was perfect timing for me. I have been feeling SO STUCK in my life lately--more than EVER! Anyhow, I've spent the entire morning/afternoon today (12/31) cleaning out my bedroom closet. It felt great to shred old greeting cards/post-ems/notes. I've got bags of stuff packed for donation to my local Goodwill. My closet shelves look great now. I just know 2010 will be more FUN than I can ever imagine. I have printed out the 26 pages & am writing down the physical clutter I'm shedding--slowly & surely. I'll get to my clothes soon! Whew!! Hold on Universe--here I come!

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Comment by diana mcnicol on January 23, 2010 at 6:21pm
That 30 second thing is working wonders. I have lost count of how many times I have done it today.
Comment by diana mcnicol on January 21, 2010 at 8:03pm
I had to give back the book tonight :-( I am also following a new rule. I hate that word. I am also trying out a different technique. "If it can be done in 30 seconds, do it." So far I have been able to manage that a few more times per day. It has really helped at work. I did some work on beauty in my house recently. I painted the bathroom a fab almond brown and decorated with sophisticated accents. I painted an inside door "paradise blue". It is periwinkle I would say. This weekend I am facing a prejudice head on. It is dumb, but an older woman in her 30's wanted a baby and basically seduced my 20 year old nephew who is just trying to get through college. They met waiting tables. I have to go to this baby shower and I am just so annoyed. Now here is the kicker. I wanted a child and was going to go the Single Mother by Choice route. I was actually at the doctor's ready to begin fertility treatments (age 38) when they told me I WAS pregnant. My boyfriend and I basically lived too far apart and didn't have anything in common so we had stopped even talking on the phone 2 weeks before. Maybe my feelings of guilt are haunting me, but I never lied to him. I never tried to trick him. And even though he is a big dweeb, I thank him every single day. And with is bed time and we have some new books!! Good night dear Lisa. check your email on this website
Comment by Lisa Elliott on January 21, 2010 at 10:42am
Prejudice, eh? I wonder what that one is... I have been totally engrossed with chapters 14, 15 & 16--writing down qualities I like best about myself, what I'm proudest of, what else?... I stayed home last night in the quiet to really reflect--it took me awhile to come up with proudest--I've experienced mostly disappointments... It's time to THROW THOSE AWAY--BUH BYYYYYE!!!!. I especially like the words "It's time to be more myself, not less". What AM I committed to anyhow??! (loved chapter 16--page 173--reference to "interpretations" I've used that word many times to a guy in my past!) Hey! the Universe is listening to me--I've got the History channel on right now & she just said the word interpretations!!!! Just as I'm typing it--I LOVE LOVE LOVE when that happens. It shows me I'm in the flow :))
I've got more lists to do--see page 179--I had my Mom renew the book because I couldn't renew it anymore--2 times is the limit for new books at our library. I've got another 2 weeks on her card now. I keep getting distracted by life. I also got up early (about 5am) this morning & was clearing out more paper clutter--I've got a big ole' stack to SHRED. Good thing it's a heavy duty shredder, huh?! It makes a lot of noise tho... ***Still don't know my song. Contemplating that one, & listening to a radio station to remind me... *** Also I've come to a huge conclusion that I don't have BEAUTY in my life. And I certainly don't have anything beautiful to see 1st thing in the morning... What a tragedy. (Remember, I feel like I'm living in a storage unit for almost 2 years now--no wonder I don't see BEAUTY, other than my own face in the bathroom mirror!!!!?) I send YOU beauty in many many ways today Diana. I know you're busy so I appreciate you blogging with me. (Still haven't dropped off my bags of stuff--haven't written 'em down either--I'm on to the mental clutter right now... Seems more important :))
Comment by diana mcnicol on January 20, 2010 at 6:45pm
Trying to throw away a prejudice today.
Comment by Lisa Elliott on January 17, 2010 at 5:39pm
Hi Diana Spent 3 hours at the Yoga Center--10 of us ladies :)) It was a very nice setting (I brought jelly bellies!) & we did a meditation before & after. Just to let you know, mine is NOT finished yet. This is something you don't want to rush through... I've done this at least twice before. Anyhow, it's a way of placing your order to The Universe. (In the past, I had also taken a class--was it 1997 or 1998?--and we made "joy books" NOT scrap books--'cuz no scrap in MY life! It's amazing to me to look at how many pictures I had in there with YOGA POSES!! This joy book was packed away for at least 5 years in storage when I moved from CA to FL & wasn't sure where I would be living... Another long story) Anyhow, as far as the vision board, I always say "gently & easily" when I place MY orders--I've learned!! So, on this version I'm showing pics of a woman as the leader/instructor helping the group of yoginis. I've studied Feng Shui & am kinda' following my own version of the bagua--to some extent--it's supposed to be very intuitive when you make your treasure map--just go with it. One lady did a board for her next new car. It can be for a lifestyle, a relationship, a career, whatever topic you decide. She mentioned that because some people don't have the same kind of consciousness as we do, it's not always appropriate to show it to just anybody... (If you know what we mean...) I had a vision board on the wall on the side of my counter in CA & I looked at it every day--it had pictures of lots of warm tropical waters, exercising outdoors, many women friends, etc. We'll see what unfolds next! Just another way to take charge of your own life. (You can make little ones & just tuck 'em inside your underwear drawer even!) So no clearing all week-end for me; Weather is more pleasant now--just got back from a walk with my Mom--we needed a new battery for the doorbell... Still thinking about my song... Going to another yoga studio tonight because they're having some jazz music--just being supportive--I really want to get to SLEEP early!! I'll be up early to teach :)
Comment by diana mcnicol on January 16, 2010 at 9:31am
I cannot wait to hear all about the vision board. speak to me
Comment by Lisa Elliott on January 14, 2010 at 9:47pm
Hi Diana Allowed myself to skip Pilates this a.m. & had a nice cup of tea with myself & watched Dr. Phil. Sun was streaming in my room :) Love THAT. I dropped off some old computer speakers/wires at a Thrift shop today after teaching my first class. And I signed up for the next 5 Friday night ballroom dance classes--we'll be doing West Coast Swing. I like how this instructor teaches so this should be fun & exercise too. And what else do I have to do on Friday nights? Did I mention that I won a big basket (5 items) of bath products on Sunday morning at the belly dancing event? Plus I won 3 free belly dancing classes! It was really funny to see how I couldn't move like the instructor! Practice... I'm convinced these things could find me because I cleared out some old junk. I also bought a $40 unlimited visits (for yoga) this month at one of the really nice studios in town--I'll make sure I get there often :)) Also want to keep reading--I've been thinking & thinking about my song... Hmmmm... I don't know YET. This book really has me thinking in ways I never have before. I bought some frozen organic blueberries tonight at Costco--I will only use organic--call me a food snob--it's just my choice. I'll probably use some in fruit smoothies--I mix cold water, berries, vegan protein powder--think fermented brown rice--it's kinda' pricey, flax seed oil, a drop or two of stevia, & I froth it up in my Vitamix--pour it into a pretty glass & it's simple & tasty. (I haven't been making cold drinks lately tho because I've been cold!) I may also use some of these blueberries in some muffins, if I'm really ambitious. I'll defrost them & roll them in some ground psyllium husk--I add all kinds of stuff to my muffins--lemon zest, lemon juice, maybe top 'em with pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. I don't bake all that often because I eat too many when they're hot out of the oven. Still need to shred--I signed up for a class on Saturday--Envisioning 2010--a vision board workshop. I pre-paid my $25 & am looking forward to it. We'll be there from 1-4pm. I've been clipping out pictures lately to put on my poster board. Maybe I'll even hang it up in my room?! Whew! I sure do keep busy, wouldn't you say?! It may be a couple of degrees warmer this evening--and that's just fine with me! Any freezing rain keeping you inside to clear?? Have a cup of hot cocoa for me, ok?
Comment by diana mcnicol on January 14, 2010 at 8:14pm
I made no head-way today. Hoping for freezing rain tonight = no school. Get the pic? We are going to bed early tonight and MOMMY is going to read her own book. On another note, I got out my blender because someone gave me a bunch of frozen fruit. Any ideas?
Comment by Lisa Elliott on January 13, 2010 at 7:36pm
Not taking much time to type tonight. I've got so much I want to READ--and I've got the house to myself tonight--it's nice & quiet now :))
I had a VERY full day yesterday--just kept going in my classes--I know I shouldn't compare with the instructors that have been teaching for 10-25-30 years! (that's in our book too--no comparing!)
We're still very cold here--this is a record for south FL. Makes me feel like getting extra sleep--funny how when I'm supposed to be getting up is just when my body feels like sleeping... I think my body is getting a little more tired from this physical life I'm doing now. I took my Pilates class yesterday & then taught 2 yoga classes. Today I took a gentle yoga class & then another Yoga Nidra class--visualization/meditation--I think I fell asleep on my mat! That's ok--it's part of the deep relaxation. No kids or cats over here--I made my Mom & I a great green drink tonight--kale, red chard, cucumber, celery, Granny Smith apple, Gala apple, lemon, ginger, carrot, some watercress stems. That was my dinner. It was TASTY TASTY TASTY!! What did you have for dinner? PS I'll bet you're a great algebra teacher!
Comment by diana mcnicol on January 13, 2010 at 7:08pm
Lisa, tomorrow is trash day! Hurray!!

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