Throw Out Fifty Things

I've listened to Gail's book this month - downloaded from so a book doesn't take up physical space. I got started on this task yesterday. My tally so far:

1. 68 DVDs - I'd started collecting old television series on DVD, having not watched any of these. Four concert DVDs that I know I won't watch again. I need to continue sorting through the DVDs and get rid of even more. Count as 1 thing. Donated to city library.

2. 2 pair of new Enzo shoes, miscellaneous handbags, clothing, jewelry, two wristwatches. Count as 1 thing. Donated to city mission.

3. Five grocery sacks of unread magazines. Count as 1 thing. Taken to recycle center.

4. One CD/DVD storage tower still in box. After getting rid of the DVDs, I don't need a place to store them. Count as 1 things. Donated to city mission.

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Comment by Gail Blanke on May 31, 2009 at 9:13am
Hey, Susan, I'm glad you got the audio version of the book. I loved doing the recording. I hope you liked it! You're on a roll, kiddo....

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