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Enough with the bad news! Enough with the "global meltdown," the jobless rates, the lay-offs, the bankruptcies, the dire projections. "You think it's bad now," the pundits say, "wait!" The word, "crisis" must be used thousands of times a day in every single medium. I was at a small economic roundtable discussion the other night that was so profoundly depressing that half way through the session, a woman seated next to me leaned over and said, "So, when do they hand out the razor blades?" I left early.

Enough! We can't allow ourselves to be bombarded with all this negative news any longer. It drains all our energy, saps our strength and makes us feel like crawling under a rock. But what can we do? It's all around us, on every TV channel, in every newspaper, on every Internet site, in every water cooler, cocktail party, PTA meeting conversation. Here's what we can - and must - do:

EDIT! It's time to edit out all the doom and gloom, all the worst case scenarios, the endless descriptions of how really, really bad it could get. We are what we think about. If we concentrate on the worst that could happen, it most likely will. We've got to edit that stuff out. Go home and throw out fifty things - just to get warmed up! Get rid of all the physical and mental junk you've allowed to build up so that you can get tough with the relentless negativism. Put down the paper, turn off the tube, walk away from the conversation. Press "delete" every chance you get. Say out loud, "Not today. I'm not buying it today. I'll tackle tomorrow when it comes."

CREATE A VISION! Replace "how bad could it be?" with "how good could I make it?" There's always opportunity in the crisis. And ironically, there's never been as much opportunity as there is now - in every industry, every life. The trick is to spot it - and take it. But to do that, you've got to see things differently. You've got to let go of the old way of thinking, the old way of doing whatever you did in the past, the old way of seeing yourself. This is the time for change on every level. Go with it, not against it.

CATCH YOURSELF! When you fall back into the pit of doom and gloom, when you doubt your ability to change, to reinvent, hold it right there. Don't live your life by the headlines. You're too good for that. Whatever you do, don't hunker down. This is a time of endless possibilities. Don't let them pass you buy. Be bold now.

There's a new spirit abroad in this country and around the world. It's a spirit of change and promise. Embrace it; celebrate it, pass it on. Yes, we can...

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Comment by Tamara Jercha on February 18, 2009 at 4:23pm
Opportunity, that's the new buzz word, or at least I will make it mine. It is true, there is doom and gloom everywhere you look, but I choose to hold on to the word opportunity. We all know, for every door that closes a new one opens, we just have a tough time finding the door knob sometimes. Thanks for grabbing us from the "pit of doom and gloom".


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