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Considering what to pass down when decluttering

We 're a childless couple. When I 'm sorting through things, I find myself wondering whether to keep a sentimental item based on my childless status. For example I ran across a Memphis Horns poster and ticket stub. Who would want it in my extended family? Should I just chunk it? My husband thinks I should keep it. So it's in a box of things that I couldn't decide what to do with during the first round of sorting.

If it's an item given to me by a family member, I don't have this difficulty. I keep the item. I've created containers for items made by my family, given by my family, made by my husband's family, & given by my husband's family. I plan to mark these containers accordingly so that it will be easier for someone else to clean out our stuff after we pass.

I didn't expect to go through this thought process when I began but my 92 year old Aunt is cleaning out and I'm receiving her things.

How do other childless folks approach decluttering and the passing on of family items?

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