Throw Out Fifty Things

I bought Gail's book on Fri., began my tossing out on Saturday, and now am 152+ objects lighter!  Many of these were groups, like Gail says, so it is actually much more...though I did count every clothing item as one, because these are some of the harder things to part with.

I cannot believe I could get rid of so many things, because at Christmas time I had already cleaned out my kitchen drawers, cupboards, and a couple of other areas in my house.  The fact that I got rid of so much shows just how much I have that I need to pare down...:)

Now the momentum was rolling and over the weekend I just went from room to room looking for things to toss (yes, I goodwilled most of what I had, because I really don't keep my actual garbage). 

The book keeps me pumped aobut clearing clearing clearing, and re-thinking some mental "stuff" too.  That is a lot harder than getting rid of the physical, but I am going to try...:)

I feel better, lighter, more organized, which makes me a very happy woman!  Walking around my basement, which is filled (due to a business I won, alot must stay) and am thrilled seeing a few open spaces where piles used to be.

The best part about this is, that I don't look at this as cleaning at all, but once you get started in an area, you can't hel;p but clean while you toss!  Now I just can't wait for garbage/recycle/donate4 day to come so I can really get rid of the piles!  I may take a picture of it before it's gone, just for inspiration...:)




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