Throw Out Fifty Things

At least that's the plan. I don't like to think of them as resolutions, because that's too "ordinary" and resolutions are too easily broken. I will call them life changes. Anyway, here are mine:

1. Clear out the clutter and make my home an oasis of serenity and joy.

2. Lose the excess weight that is dragging me down emotionally and causing me physical pain.

3. Write a novel and submit it for publication.

4. Exercise regularly, including cardio workouts, stretching, and weight training.

Though most of these seem independent of each other (except 2 and 4, of course, which go hand-in-hand), somehow to me they feel like parts of a whole, as in, can't have one without the others.

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Comment by Gail Blanke on January 12, 2009 at 1:02pm
Mary Kip!

What wonderful resolutions! And it sounds like you've actually "decided" to do them - which is very different than simply "trying." Congratulations. Don't forget to write down what you're throwing out - both the physical and the emtional stuff, okay? And make sure you make it to fifty. (Remember, large numbers of one "type" thing, like magazines, catalogs, or old lipsticks, only count as one thing!!) Keep us abreast of your progress. When you read "Throw Out Fifty Things," you'll see that you need to find your "power song," too. But you've got enough on your plate for now.

All the best,


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