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I read your book two years ago and about the time I finished it was time to celebrate the Jewish New Year.  I had an epiphany of how I wanted to celebrate the holidays.  After services one day  I asked my husband to join me to sort through our overflowing bookshelves in our living room, tv room, and basement.  Our goal was to eliminate books that were no longer of interest, and to create a pile to donate to charity.  

I found the experience to be rejuvinating and very freeing.  I was holding on to an old message that said by displaying books in your home it shows that you are well educated and well read.  I no longer needed to hold on to that message. (Perhaps this counts as 1 "thing" as well.) 

We eliminated 300+ books from our shelves freeing up space and giving our home a more open feeling.  The following week when we brought the cartons of books to the Salvation Army in Newark they were thrilled to receive them.  It was right around the time that the public libraries in inner cities were cutting back on their hours and services.  I felt like I had done a mitzvah (a good deed) and it felt good.  I know by standards set in your book that those 300 books equaled 1" thing."  That was fine. We had accomplished a lot. 

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