Throw Out Fifty Things

I just got rid of a bunch of stuff about a year ago, so I can't believe I still have so much to cull, but I'm moving in 2-3 months so I would like to move with only what I actually use rather than moving with storage bins.

Here's my tally:

For the battered women's shelter to help women moving out:
1 coffee maker
Dishes - Service for eight
1 indoor grill
Several unopened boxes of tea flavors I didn't like
Several unopened bags of pumpkin seeds
1 Knife block with knives
1 seasoning rack with seasonings
various sheets & pillow cases
Several bags of outgrown children's clothing

For goodwill or to sell:
1 food dehydrator
1 bread maker
1 yogurt maker
2 printers
1 monitor

3 old computers
2 old laptops
Several bags of plastic grocery store bags

Throw out:
Old lipstick
Old eyeshadow
Broken lamp
Torn/old comforter
Old socks
Moisturizer that irritates my face
Old boxes of business cards

Some of the above has already made it out of the house, others are bagged up by the front door. I still have some things to work on such as patio furniture, project wood, tools, pantry and spice cabinet, vases, books, children's toys and games, cleaning supplies, vacuums, desks, and coffee tables. Hopefully I can make a ton of progress in the next month.

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Comment by Gail Blanke on January 11, 2009 at 10:59am
Wow, what terrific progress your making!! So, how do you feel? Lighter, right? Glad to see you're recycling stuff. How about some of the "mental debris?" You know, old resentments, regrets, fears?

Keep me posted! Gail Blanke

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