Throw Out Fifty Things

I picked up Gail's book two days ago after seeing it and then thinking about it for weeks. I finally bought it and have gotten a start. Thrown out so far...
1. old flooring samples from under the bed!
2. wool purse
3. jewelry
4. shoes
5. 2 bags of clothes
6. 2 "ulu" knives
7. 2 sets of placemats and napkins
8. coins from a Mexico trip
9. deceased mother-in-laws crochet projects (giving these to her grandchildren)
10. Box of fake leaves.
11. bottle of bitter taste spray for dogs
12 set of chargers
13. drawer full of pens, magazines, expired coupons, buttons,
It's feelin' pretty good!

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Comment by TyAnn Robinson on June 11, 2010 at 10:38am
I was chuckling over your box of fake leaves, as I also have a bag of fake leaves and Indian corn that my mom wanted me to use for decorating my Thanksgiving table. Sounds like a great candidate to be next on my list to toss! :-)

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