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Thank you for your kind words.

I would like to thank everyone who has commented and shown so much support. I feel wonderful reading everything you all wrote.

Let's see...

It seems I decided to "start my life" in the worst economy ever.

I still do not have a steady paying job. You know, sometimes I feel this has been a kind of blessing. Since my income has decreased I have been forced,rather I have taken a look at things that are really important. Not everything is about money.

I was not raised… Continue

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A road block.

I need to find my purpose.

Walking the unemployment shoes is frustrating. I have applied to over 40 jobs over the last month. Keeping positive is harder and harder everyday.

I am trying to envision a really good life for myself, it's hard to see that the light ahead when it's been dark for so long.. Opportunities these days are few and far between. It seems that now my thoughts are all over the place of instead the ultimate goal.

I have nothing to lose so… Continue

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Under Pressure!

Throw out count: 2

I recently threw out some old make up I had.

Crunch time, Grace Institute's program is winding down and now finals are approaching.

It's strange to see how people react to stress, some laugh and crack jokes and yet some cry,( I mean literally someone burst into tears today in the computer lab) Thank Goodness for Chorus practice, it was a nice outlet for my stress. I only signed up to sing at the graduation, because I KNOW I'll be… Continue

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It's funny how much you begin to see once you open your eyes

For so long I have been so wrapped up in sorting out how best to defend myself, that I forgot to look around and see my friends.

Time to reach out to these folks.

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Thanks Gail.

I was lucky enough to see Gail Blanke at a WINS event in New York City. I was lucky enough to receive a copy of her book, which really just made my week. I realized that throwing out 50 things wasn't going to be as hard as I thought, I mean, I only have my room for now.

In the process of thinking about the stuff I have that I don't want, I realized that not having that many things is a blessing in disguise. I've always been sort of a person to throw away things I don't want, or… Continue

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